First days in Geneva


I spent the whole morning on the CERN e-learning website. All the newcomers have to train theirselves about workplace security and cybersecurity.

During the afternoon I met Maurice, my supervisor, who explained me how the irradiation facility works.

Later in the evening I went buying two power cord with Schuko plug for my laptops (Schuko works with both German and French power sockets but not with the Swiss ones!)


I went to CERN, since I didn’t know any other place where to have launch. I met Maurice who helped me changing the power plug on one of my cords with a swiss one which is different. Living across the France-Switzerland border has these kinds of issues.

I had dinner with friends.


I woke up late. I had lunch and spent the whole afternoon at CERN looking for accomodation and posting something on my blog.

See you soon!