First days in Geneva


I spent the whole morning on the CERN e-learning website. All the newcomers have to train theirselves about workplace security and cybersecurity.

During the afternoon I met Maurice, my supervisor, who explained me how the irradiation facility works.

Later in the evening I went buying two power cord with Schuko plug for my laptops (Schuko works with both German and French power sockets but not with the Swiss ones!)


I went to CERN, since I didn’t know any other place where to have launch. I met Maurice who helped me changing the power plug on one of my cords with a swiss one which is different. Living across the France-Switzerland border has these kinds of issues.

I had dinner with friends.


I woke up late. I had lunch and spent the whole afternoon at CERN looking for accomodation and posting something on my blog.

See you soon!

Aggiornamento Università 

Ci siamo quasi ragazzi! Ho già  iniziato le pratiche burocratiche sia per laurearmi che per l’iscrizione alla magistrale.

Mi è rimasto un esame solo: Economia ed Organizzazione Aziendale L-A, lunedì devo passarlo!

Ho già  scelto la tesi con il Prof. Corradi, titolo “Framework di supporto allo sviluppo di applicazioni Web”.